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There’s no better way to spend time with your family during the holiday season than making a special trip to a nearby Christmas tree farm and handpicking the tree that’s just right for your home.

The majestic Fraser fir represents more than 90 percent of the live Christmas trees sold each year, and the High Country is one of the few places that can grow this species of tree.

North Carolina alone has 1,600 farms producing an estimated 50 million Fraser fir Christmas trees each year, and a bevy of these farms are located in the High Country.

Many local tree farms offer “choose-and-cut” services, allowing visitors to comb the tree farm and pick out the tree ideal for their needs.

During the holiday season, countless cars can be seen traveling the highways of the High Country with Christmas trees strapped to the roofs, many of which were found at choose-and-cut farms.

Even though the crisp winter air may feel cold while choosing the perfect tree, bonding with friends and family and the sight of a new tree in your home around Christmas makes choose and cut a truly heartwarming experience.

The North Carolina Christmas Tree Association encourages those celebrating the holidays with a Christmas tree to purchase real trees rather than artificial ones.

According to the Christmas Tree Association, real Christmas trees are grown on American family farms, which are making an important economic contribution to many rural communities of the United States.

Also, real Christmas trees are cited as being better for the environment by absorbing greenhouse gases while they are still in the field. Plus, one acre of Christmas trees provides the daily oxygen requirement for 18 people.

Because there are approximately 500,000 acres of Christmas trees in the United States, the farms collectively provide oxygen for 9 million people daily.

Also, young, fast growing Christmas trees in the field release more oxygen than mature forest trees, according to the association.

Live Christmas trees also provide a unique fragrance that is normally found only around the holidays.

However, for those who may be allergic to the tree, there is a suggestion from the Christmas Tree Association. Allergic reactions can be greatly reduced, if not done away with, by spraying the tree with water before bringing it inside, the association said.

More than 400 Christmas tree farms offer choose-and-cut services to visitors in North Carolina.

Information about choose-and-cut farms can be found on the following websites:, and

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Trees. Trees. Trees. The High Country is full of them. Specifically the type of trees that are decorated during the Christmas season. No matter what size, shape or type you’re looking for, you will be able to find the perfect tree for you and your family on a farm in the High Country.

  • By Thomas Sherrill
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BOONE — This weekend, many vehicles driving through Watauga County will have a Fraser fir Christmas tree strapped to the top.

  • By Sherrie Norris
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These hills are alive with a variety of activity during the autumn season — it’s all about football for some, clearing out, cleaning out and preparing for winter for others — and for many, it’s about getting a head start on Christmas.

  • By Erika Giovanetti
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WATAUGA COUNTY − The holiday season has come, bringing with it traditions both new and old.

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It’s that time of year when families pile into their cars, drive to a family-owned Christmas tree farm, pick out their favorite tree and chop it down to commemorate the holiday season.

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