Perhaps no scene is quite as iconic as that of a kid flying downhill on his winter sled. Here in the High Country, the combination of winter weather and terrain make it the perfect location for the beloved winter pastime. However, knowing the best spots to ride, what’s best to wear and the best type of sled for you can help make your sledding experience even more memorable.

The first step toward a memorable sledding experience is choosing the sled that’s right for you. There are many different kinds of sleds out there, ranging from the traditional wooden ones to more modern, plastic sleds. Furthermore, some sleds are shaped like saucers and may even offer foam cushioning that can act as shock absorption for one to two people. Likewise, many sleds are built with steering mechanisms, making them easier to control, while others just maneuver with the push of one’s weight.

Many of the more modern, plastic sleds can be found at local shops throughout the High Country, but be aware, they tend to sell out fast during the winter months.

Like most winter sports, proper attire is recommended for sledding. It’s best to dress in layers, with water resistant outerwear that doesn’t soak up moisture on the outside. It’s not uncommon for even the most expert of sledders to end up lying in a pile of soft snow.

Lastly, one must find the perfect spot for sledding. Though the High Country is home to many hills, many of these may be located on private land. It is best to ask the permission of the landowner before making your way onto private property for a sledding excursion. Also, be sure there are no fences, ditches, rocks or other hazards that can potentially cause harm to you or your passengers at the foot of your hill. Sleds at times can be unwieldy and hard to stop.

For those unable to find that perfect spot, luckily there’s there an official sled riding hill atop Beech Mountain.

Operated by Beech Mountain Parks and Recreation Department, the sledding hill is designated for kids 12 and younger using plastic sleds from 1 to 5 p.m.

Located beside the Beech Mountain Visitor’s Center at 403 Beech Mountain Parkway, there are multiple nearby stores that will sell or rent sleds for those who cannot bring their own. A snowblower is on hand to add to the natural snow levels when needed.

For more information on snow conditions and more, call (800) 468-5506.

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