The most important part of any vacation is the memories that stay long after your stay is over. Memories such as this take many forms, such as a small trinket on a shelf, a smell that reminds you of good times or a new passion that you hold onto for years.

The High Country is full of new memories and passions waiting to be discovered. One option is the sport of disc golf, which has grown in popularity throughout the nation, and its foothold in the High Country is here to stay.

While the origins of the sport are shrouded in the mist of history, disc golf has climbed its way into the World Games and a professional circuit around the world.

Played with specialized flying discs instead of clubs and a ball, disc golf is similar to golf when it comes down to the idea of the game. You have three different types of discs, a long-range driver, a mid-range wood or iron, and a short-range putter. They have different weights and sizes to make them do different things, and are fairly cheap. Where a new set of clubs can run around $1,000, a set of discs will cost around $50 and courses can be found throughout the High Country. It doesn’t take long to get the hang of it, and can be fun for the whole family.

High Country Disc Golf Course

The preeminent disc golf course in the High Country, the High Country Disc Golf Course is a must-visit for anyone interested in getting into the sport, or an enthusiast visiting the area.

Located in Ashe County Park in Jefferson, the two-mile course is designed to let the players be one with the nature around them. With the weather cooling down and the leaves changing, the course can be a great way to see nature’s beauty in Ashe County as it naturally contours with the land’s hills, pond and trees.

The back nine is located deep in the woodland while the front is closer to the park. Each of the 18 holes has an amateur and a pro tee-off pad, allowing people to choose how tough the course is. Some of the holes have alternate baskets for newer players, and the constant tweaks done to the course by park officials means there’s limitless opportunities for fun.

The home of the High Country Disc Golf Championship, the course is an ideal place to learn the sport, or master it. For more information about High Country Disc Golf Course, call (336) 982-6185 or visit

 Wahoo’s Adventures

Another course that’s great for players who are learning the sport is located at Wahoo’s Adventures at the New River Outpost at 3380 Big Hill Road in Todd.

The course’s nine holes each feature both long- and short-starting tees, and a warm-up hole is provided for people to prep their throwing arm.The course itself is a nice hike for disc golf players, which features a catwalk bridge over the creek, perfect for a hot summer’s day.

The course is $5 to use per player and is free for anybody tubing at Wahoo’s, with all costs going to maintain the course.

For more information on the course at Wahoo’s Adventures, call (828) 262-5774 or visit

 Beech Mountain Resort

Featuring 18 holes over thousands of feet of land, Beech Mountain Resort’s disc golf course is designed into the mountain landscape. The course offers scenic views and hikes for players as they make their way through the course’s unique design.

Players can take a chairlift ride to get an ever better view of the Blue Ridge Mountains, or hike their way for more of a hard-fought victory.

For more information, call (800) 438-2093 or visit the resort website at

 Chetola Resort

Chetola Resort offers a nine-hole course with three practice holes to boot.

Unlike other courses, Chetola is a private resort and is for guests. For more information, call (828) 295-5535 or visit the resort website at

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