Mysteries abound at the appropriately named Mystery Hill: North Carolina’s Gravitational Anomaly, an iconic attraction that has amazed High Country visitors and locals alike for more than 70 years.

“There’s something there for everyone,” third-generation owner Matthew Underwood said. “We’re about the most quirky, eclectic attraction you can imagine.”

Activities at Mystery Hill include the Mystery House, which features the attraction’s gravity vortex. The only gravitational vortex in the state, it makes water flow uphill, balls roll upward and individuals in the vortex can’t fight its pull to stand at a 45-degree angle.

The landmark brings in more than 70,000 visitors from across the globe each year, according to its website, and is constantly updating and adding new things.

“Our gem mining experience is getting a complete renovation, it’ll be the only gem mine in the area offering indoor, private sluices so your family will get their own sluice,” Underwood said. “Professor Finnegan’s old-time portrait parlour is expanding, so there’s almost six times as much space as they’ve had in the past, brand-new costumes and brand-new scenes.”

Underwood said that the last decade has seen the attraction expand and constantly add new things.

“This is our 74th year we’re getting ready to go into and most of our visitors are repeat visitors who come year after year while they’re visiting the mountains so it’s always good to have something new for them,” Underwood said.

A favorite attraction for many, Tomahawk Hill, is adding a mechanical bull-riding experience to go with axe or knife throwing, archery and Cherokee blow dart shooting. Underwood said that since it’s opening in 2019, Tomahawk Hill has become a favorite for not just tourists, but locals alike.

Other attractions include Bubblerama, a room full of giant bubbles, and The Hall of Mystery, a hands-on science area, along with others.

“There’s not many places you can experience that many things,” Underwood said. “It’s one of those places where we have people come year after year and they’re like, ‘It just feels like what you do when you come to the mountains.’ People love it.”

Underwood said that Mystery Hill will always be known for the gravitational anomaly, it’s what the attraction was founded on, but the entire experience is what keeps people coming back. With a multitude of options, each one unique and interesting, the attraction has something for everyone.

Group rates are available from Mystery Hill and its interactive adventures, along with private event booking. Learn more about Mystery Hill and its numerous attractions at

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