Have you ever sat in a tube in a pool and enjoyed relaxing and kicking around as you gently rock around in the water? Have you ever wanted to take a similar air-filled device and pilot it down a snow-covered slope. That’s snow tubing.

“Pretty much anyone can enjoy it, you need to be at least 3 years old to do it (at Hawksnest)” Lenny Cottom of Hawksnest Tubing Park in Seven Devils said.

It’s a fast ride, but it’s fun and easier to get into than hitting the ski slopes. You don’t need any experience and it requires very little physical exertion from the tuber, just follow the slope’s safety rules.

Much like skiing and snowboarding, you need to dress for the occasion. It may be frozen, but it you will still be flying over water and anything absorbent will get soaked with freezing snow. So wear warm, non-absorbent layers and ski glasses or goggles so you can see when you hit the slopes.

You’ll also want to plan ahead, as sold out slopes at peak times are not an unusual sight.

Sessions vary in length depending on where you’re tubing depending on where you’re tubing, so be sure to check out resort websites to find the what you want.

There are a mix of different snow tubing locales in The High Country. Jonas Ridge and Hawksnest are both tubing exclusive, while Ridge are dedicated snow tubing locations. Appalachian Ski Mountain, Sugar Mountain and Beech Mountain also have tubing mixed in with their snow-traversing activities.

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