The modern day ski might appear to be a piece of sporting equipment made and produced for modern sport. However, the ski was invented long before the wheel.

Twenty-two thousand years ago on top of a snow-covered mountain, a man strapped two pieces of wood to his feet. According to Roland Huntford, author and arctic specialist, man has been skiing as early as the last Ice Age.

While skiing was originally used as a mode of survival and hunting to live within the icy tundras of the earth’s landscape, skiing was eventually adapted into a sport. This sport has traveled across nations and found its way into the High Country within the local community of North Carolina.

As the leaves begin to shed from their spots from the top of the trees, individuals of the High Country take on the new season with skis in hand. The slopes within the area make the High Country a skier’s paradise, offering a variety of experiences.

Once the season begins, the various outdoor activities that the slopes provide brings in residents from all across the state to the snow-covered mountain caps.

New riders can find appropriate training and equipment rental at all the facilities, along with training through the resorts. While one’s skiing experience might begin with the basic motions and a few stumbles down the bunny slopes, practice makes perfect on slopes.

The resorts found in the High Country offer rental equipment, such as appropriate boots and bindings, so that each venture up the slopes are as safe as possible. The resorts themselves have rental shops, while outdoor recreation shops have equipment for sale and rental.

Resorts also have snow guns, which allows for them to produce the snow so that every skiing adventure is as fun-filled an experience as it possibly can be. So skiers do not have to worry about planning a trip just during a snowfall, but throughout the winter season.

For more experienced skiiers, the resorts in the area offer more rigorous slopes as well. The terrain and environment allow for athletes to push themselves or just enjoy a challenge.

The High Country offers the ideal environment of skiing and other winter activities. The resorts in the area offers an array of opportunities so each rider can ensure that their needs are being met.

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