Horn in the West

The “Horn in the West” outdoor drama has been canceled for 2020, with plans to return in 2021.

BOONE — For the first time in its 69-year history, the outdoor drama “Horn in the West” will not be presented due to the concerns associated with COVID-19.

The Board of Directors of the Southern Appalachian Historical Association, which has produced the drama every summer since 1952, has determined that it is not possible to move forward with the complex preparations required for the performance with the uncertainty of whether it will be safe, or even allowed, for large groups of people to assemble for rehearsals and performances.

“This was one of the most difficult decisions SAHA’s Board of Directors has ever had to make”, said Board Chair Billy Ralph Winkler, who added, “We postponed making a decision with all optimism, but ultimately, in respect for patrons, cast, crew, staff and volunteers, it was the responsible thing to do.”

“These are my people,” a statement echoed throughout the show, hits home now more than ever according to Shauna Godwin, the current artistic director for the Horn, who continued, “May those words remind us to protect ourselves and be considerate of others in these unprecedented times.”

The Hickory Ridge Living Museum will remain open, offering guided tours to small groups and other special events. Realizing that the cultural arts are needed more than ever, the association is working on new and alternative programming, both live and online, and remains dedicated to the 2021 re-opening of “Horn in the West.”

For more information, call the SAHA offices at (828)264-2120, or visit horninthewest.com.

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