Perched atop the border of Watauga and Avery counties sits Beech Mountain Resort, where those who seek an outlet for excitement and fun can find ample opportunity to show off their snowboarding and skiing skills, or simply sit back and enjoy the view with dinner and a drink.

Beech Mountain Resort offers guests a variety of wintertime activities to participate in, including snow tubing, ice skating and a terrain park for snowboarders and skiers. It features a total of 19 slopes of varying difficulty with a carrying capacity of 10,858 skiers/snowboarders per hour in order to ensure that every guest has all the time they need to ride the slopes.

For beginners, the resort offers unique learn-to-ski programs for youth and adults. The first-time, all-day programs offered for children ages 3 to 14 are all-inclusive, and allow aspiring wintertime sports enthusiasts an effortless way to learn.

In preparation for this year’s busy winter season, the resort has recently upgraded two of its chair lifts to optimize its ability to carry thrill-seeking guests to the top of its pristine slopes, more than doubling its uphill capacity. In addition to chair lift upgrades, Beech Mountain Resort has also added 115 new slope lights and four new snow guns in order to give guests the best experience possible.

“This is a big improvement,” Talia Freeman, director of marketing for Beech Mountain Resort, said. “I think we’re set for a good year.”

The resort first opened in the winter of 1967-68 and was the only resort in the state to be built around an alpine village, which still remains true to this day. At 5,506 feet in elevation, the resort provides a one-of-a-kind experience with a Swiss Bavarian village vibe.

For those looking for an adrenaline rush, “The Park” — the aptly named terrain park that debuted two years ago — offers experienced skiers and snowboarders a chance to hone their skills. The terrain park crew is constantly reshaping more than 50 features to ensure that riders always get the chance to try something new.

“The Park” also hosts numerous competitions for those eager to display their hard-earned talents. Scheduled activities this year include the following events:

  • Dec. 9 —
  • Reckless Rail Jam presented by RECESS
  • Feb. 23 —
  • Banked Slalom 2019
  • March 10 —
  • Easy Does It! Presented by RECESS

Aside from skiing and snowboarding, the resort will also be hosting a 25-show, three-month concert series during the winter months, featuring a wide array of talented musical artists. Headlining the concert series will be the Grammy-award winning bluegrass/rock group The SteelDrivers, previously led by Chris Stapleton before he began pursuing his solo career. Only six of the concerts during the series will be ticketed, and the other 19 will be free for the public. The series kicks off on Dec. 15.

The resort village also offers four restaurants, two sport shops, a full rental facility and wireless internet, allowing guests to enjoy the beautiful views and wintertime experience throughout the stay at Beech Mountain Resort.

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