The High Country is filled with fantastic restaurants of all stripes, sizes and price levels.

We’ve got great Southeastern cuisine for folks who love locally caught trout, barbecue or some collard greens. We’ve also got restaurants specializing in the cuisine of just about every nationality you can think of…from Indian to Thai to Mexican.

The High Country is also home to some of the most creative catering services imaginable, ones that can handle a wedding reception, corporate gathering or any other event you can think of. Some will even prepare that intimate dinner for six and deliver it right to your rental cabin.

Give these High Country caterers a call when you need food for that special occasion, big or small:

Big Mo’s Championship Barbecue (828-266-1440),

Casa Rustica Italian Restaurant (828-262-5128),

Dan’l Boone Inn (828-264-8657),

Foscoe Country Corner (828-963-6409),

Fraser’s Restaurant and Pub (336-246-5222),

Joe’s Italian Kitchen (828-263-9200),

Peabody’s Beer and Wine Merchants (828-264-9476),

Pepper Moon Catering (828-264-0356),

Pepper’s (828-262-1250),

Woodland’s Barbecue and Catering (828-295-3395).

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