Blue Ridge breweries

In the Blue Ridge Mountains, craft breweries have become a great source of locally brewed beer of superb quality and live entertainment.

During the last decade, the craft brewery industry has taken off in the state of North Carolina and in Watauga, Ashe, and Avery counties specifically.

Throughout the state of North Carolina, more than 10,000 jobs can now be credited to the burgeoning craft brew industry. In the beautiful section of the Blue Ridge Mountains, craft breweries have become a great source of locally brewed beer of superb quality and live entertainment when the conditions allow during this time of pandemic.

During the various government-mandated stages of the coronavirus lockdown, things have changed a bit for our area’s craft breweries. Many of the jobs associated with local beer establishments were furloughed earlier in the year as many establishments had to resort to carry out only sales. Slowly, society has opened up more as the different phases have been enacted by the state of North Carolina. As with all businesses, when you read this article as the fall month’s progress, be sure and check in with this area’s breweries as to their current ways of doing business.

In Ashe County, there is the Boondocks Brewing Company found at two locations in West Jefferson. Founded by head brewer Gary Brown, Boondocks Brewing Company is a locally owned business that is employee-owned and growing every year. Like a lot of future craft brewery owners, Brown began to make his own beer while in the armed services in Fort Campbell, Kentucky. That soon became a passion and eventually Brown moved forward with the idea of starting his own company in Rocky Mount.

Brown and his family often vacationed in Ashe County, however, and he found the mountain water there to be of high quality. In 2012, Brown retired from his day job and set out to create Boondocks Brewing Company. As West Jefferson began to make the changes that would make it the happening small town that it is today, he saw an opportunity to locate his business there and catch the wave.

Now, Boondocks Brewing Company is open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. and their Brew Haus restaurant and pub is open from Monday through Saturday.

More information on the Boondocks Brewing Company can be found at or (336) 246-5222.

New River Brewing Company also hails from Ashe County, located at 108 South 3rd Avenue in West Jefferson. Created by Greg Hershner and Adam Hershner, a family doctor and an industrial engineer turned brewers respectively, they formed the New River Brewing Company in 2017 making them on of the new kids on the brewing block.

At their New River Taproom and Eatery, they brew craft beers such as the Old Caboose Golden Ale, Appalachian Full Moon Wheat, Gentlemen’s Agreement IPA, the North Fork Porter and a host of other brews. More information can be found at

The Kettell Beerworks Company is located at 567 E. Main Street in the resort town of Banner Elk. They are a small batch brewery that relies on the fresh, high-quality Appalachian Mountain water found in the higher altitudes. Some of uniquely-crafted brews that they make include Crabby Louie IPA, the Speak Easy Baltic Porter, Cherry Panda Stout, Supernova IPA, Velvet Panda Oatmeal Stout, Copper Elk Amber and more.

More information on the Kettell Beerworks Brewing Company can be found at or (828) 898-8677.

Beech Mountain Brewing Company is located literally at the Village of the Beech Mountain Resort ski slopes. In fact, it is the only brewery owned and operated by a ski resort in the state.

During the summer months, Beech Mountain Resort offers an array of activities for the public to enjoy including mountain biking, hiking, disc golf and ski lift rides up to the 5506’ Skybar. To help make the day fun, Beech Mountain Brewing Company is there to cure your thirst with innovative beers.

Some of the beers made by the Beech Mountain Brewing Company include Beech Blonde, 5506’ Pale Ale, Patroller Porter, Mountain Town Amber and more. They will be open in the fall months until Oct. 3, and then reopen as ski season arrives. More information on the Beech Mountain Brewing Company can be found at or (800) 438-2093.

The Blowing Rock Brewing Company is located at 152 Sunset Drive in beautiful Blowing Rock. Opening in 2013, the brewery’s founders Jeff Walker and Todd Rice set out to take advantage of the fresh mountain water and ingredients found in the area.

The company’s creed is as follows; “The Blowing Rock Brewing Company is committed to providing you with handcrafted, mountain artisan beer. All of our beers are brewed using fresh, local ingredients. ‘Go To The Mountains’ can be found on our cans for a reason, and it is not just because we want you to visit.”

Some of the beers offered include the award-winning High Country Ale, Midnight Raspberry Wheat, Blowing Rock IPA, Big Chocolate Porter, Cloud Rise IPA and more.

More information on Blowing Rock Brewing Company can be found at and (828) 414-9600.

Appalachian Mountain Brewery was the first craft brewery to open in Boone. Known fondly by locals and visitors alike as “AMB,” the company has created a fun place to drink beer at their establishment at 163 Boone Creek Drive. Featuring live music on most nights and a high-end food truck for your eating needs, AMB is a popular spot for beer and cider lovers of all ages and stripes.

AMB is also committed to the use of sustainable business practices and the support of local non-profit organizations. The company uses solar panels when possible, has helped to restore Boone and Hodges creeks and have constructed bike stations in town.

AMB’s beer is also bottled and sold regionally. Recently, they have branched out to make hard ciders as well. The brewery is perhaps best known for its Black Gold Porter. Other craft brews include the Boone Creek Blonde Ale, Long Leaf Indian Pale Ale, Mystic Dragon Cider, and a large array of other varieties on tap.

More information about Appalachian Mountain Brewery can be found at or (828) 263-1111.

Lost Province Brewing Company was named after the name given to Ashe, Watauga and Allegheny Counties back in the early 1900s. Due to the ominous mountains, the three counties were often isolated from the rest of the Tar Heel State.

Lost Province Brewing Company features a brewery, wood-fired restaurant and live music venue all in one location at 130 N. Depot Street in Boone. Owned and operated by Andy and Lynne Mason, the brewery offers up a continuing array of beers due to the fact that the perfection and invention of new brews is what fascinates the staff and brew team.

Some of the brews now on tap include Kiss My Grits Lager, Bless Your Heart Blonde Ale, Hipster Juice IPA, Pink Velvet Raspberry Wheat, Passion Potion Tart Fruit Ale and many more with the variety and lineup changing often.

Lost Province Brewing Company is also committed to sustainable business practices as well as providing a venue for local musicians who are paid a good pay scale, which also applies to the employees they hire.

More information on the Lost Province Brewing Company can be found at and (828) 265-3506.

Booneshine Brewing Company is one of the newer breweries to open up in Boone, NC. Founded by beer lovers Carson Coatney and Tim Herdklotz, the two home brewers met while fishing with mutual friends in the Outer Banks barrier islands of North Carolina.

Coatney is also the owner of the Stick Boy Bread Company while Tim came from the financial business to brew some fine beer. The brewery offers libations that include Tropicpale Ale, Booneshine IPA, East Boone Pilsner, Beacon Heights Hefeweizen, Molasses Porter, High Country Honey Red Ale and more.

Booneshine Brewing Company has a wonderful new home found at 465 Industrial Park Road in Boone.

“We are doing pretty well during this phase 2 part of the lockdown,” said Alex Stutts, one of the front house managers at Booneshine. “Our indoor seating is spaced out at 50% capacity as well as on our patio. We also have several picnic tables available outside. We have been doing good business and things are going good so far. Our brewmasters have been taking the proper precautions and the stores that we sell our beer at have stayed steady and our accounts are still active as there is always going to be a call for beer, even in a pandemic.”

While this pandemic plays out, the folks at Booneshine are continuing to create a new outdoor area for fun that hopefully will include live music.

“We are currently outfitting our lawn space and will be getting a food truck up and running soon,” said Stutts. “Hopefully, after the craziness is over, we will build an outdoor stage out there as well. Mainly, we are going to stay adaptable and take things one day at a time and give folks a safe place to enjoy a fresh brew.

More information on the Booneshine Brewing Company can be found at and (828) 278-8006.

A tour of the High Country’s local craft breweries can make for a wonderful vacation or weekend getaway, especially considering the natural beauty of the mountains and gorges and rivers that surround every brewery in the area.

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